Marples Violins
If a player is interested in acquiring a new instrument and has particular ideas about the sound and esthetics that they desire, a commission can be a
very useful tool for achieving their goal. By having input into the selection of model, the choice of tonewood and the details of the finishing process, the
player who commissions an instrument can feel a sense of involvement in the final product. I'm happy to discuss the process of commissioning an
instrument. See the 'Contact' page for information.
A commission of one of my current models would cost the same amount as that model's regular price, while a commission for a new model (not
previously made by me) would be a bit more expensive, to account for the extra work and materials involved in research, generating templates, the new
inside mold, counterforms and so on.
Any historic instrument for which adequate information is available (technical photographs and measurements) would be fair game for a new
commission. I have the capacity to create a bench copy of an existing instrument if that instrument is made available to me for a few days by its owner.